Table Tennis Western Australia's 2020 Summer Pennants

Get in touch with your local club to enter your team as TTWA's Summer Pennants season will commence on the 3rd of February 2020..

Format: 2 Player Teams, 4 Singles matches, 1 Doubles match..

Matches shall be played at the TTWA Centre (12 Gerard Street, East Victoria Park) on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (Overflow) and Thursday evenings from 7pm.


Entries Close: Wednesday 22nd January 2020, 7PM (No late entries will be accepted)




Note: For ease of completing the Entry forms we recommend that a PC with MS Excel be used.

If you are not a part of a club, enter as an Individual and we'll find a team for you.. 

Cant commit to playing the whole season or you can only play on certain nights?
Nominate yourself as a 'Fill-In' player and you'll go into a pool from which teams can draw from to fill-in as needed (Conditions apply).

If you require any additional information please contact mel@ttwa.org.au

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